Martin Place Open Day

GRNSW Greyhounds As Pets’ recent Open Day not only stopped traffic – it also made TV stars out of some of the wonderful greyhounds on show!

The event, which took place at Martin Place in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, allowed people to meet 15 greyhounds from the Greyhounds As Pets program. It also featured information about adopting and fostering greyhounds and how they make great pets.

The event was also featured on the television program Sunrise, with presenters from the Channel 7 show meeting some of the greyhounds and joining in the fun.

GRNSW Greyhounds As Pets Manager Lori McKern said she hoped the event would help raise awareness of the program and how greyhounds make great pets. “Greyhounds really do make fantastic additions to nearly all homes, but people probably don’t know enough about them,” she said. “They are quiet and adaptable animals, can fit in to most households and in return for a good home will give you plenty of love.

“We hope this event showed people who didn’t know already just what wonderful pets greyhounds make.”

Greyhounds As Pets is a non-profit initiative co-ordinated by GRNSW which aims to rehome greyhounds who have finished or who are suitable to racing. The Greyhounds As Pets program has exceeded its target of rehoming 250 greyhounds during the 2015 calendar year. While this is a terrific achievement, GRNSW recognises that much more work needs to be done to further improve.

This work will include increasing the capacity of GRNSW Greyhounds As Pets property on the Central Coast to help rehome more greyhounds in 2016 and recruiting more staff to assist with the property and the program.

Other measures include reducing the fee for entering animals with GAP from $100 to $50 and encouraging more participants in regional areas to use the program.

For more information on the great work of GRNSW’s Greyhounds As Pets program, its greyhounds or how you can adopt or foster a greyhound, visit