Superstar of Glebe

Forget rock stars, models and TV presenters – Junior is the real superstar of Glebe.

The five-year-old graduate from GRNSW’s Greyhounds As Pets (GAP) program has become one of the most popular faces around the inner west Sydney suburb – and it’s not hard to see why.

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Investigation Unit Overhaul

Greyhound Racing NSW has overhauled its Investigations unit as part of its ongoing reform of the NSW greyhound racing industry.

Increased kennel inspections, new covert surveillance techniques and the encouragement of informants to help expose wrongdoing will be among the tactics used by the new Investigations team, which was restructured in the wake of the live-baiting scandal earlier this year.

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Comprehensive New Rules

GRNSW has implemented a series of comprehensive new rules to ensure the responsible breeding of greyhounds.

The rule changes were introduced on July 1 as part of GRNSW’s ongoing and robust reform process in response to the live baiting scandal.

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Martin Place Open Day

GRNSW Greyhounds As Pets’ recent Open Day not only stopped traffic – it also made TV stars out of some of the wonderful greyhounds on show!

The event, which took place at Martin Place in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, allowed people to meet 15 greyhounds from the Greyhounds As Pets program. It also featured information about adopting and fostering greyhounds and how they make great pets.

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