The<br />
They say our reputation’s flawed, but we’ve only ever loved greyhounds

Noelene, Lorraine, Carole and Jenny have been involved in greyhound racing their whole lives thanks to their parents who ingrained the sport in their family from a young age. Greyhound racing has given the sisters a wonderful life, with the sisters involved in all facets of the industry through breeding, owning and training on the Central Coast of NSW.

The women undoubtedly love what they do, with their passion for the sport evident in how fondly they speak about the great friends they’ve made through the racing industry and how much they adore their most prized possessions, the greyhounds.

The Trainer

Phil<br />
<span>The Trainer</span>
They say I’m cruel, but I’d never let any harm come to my dogs

Set amidst 2.5 acres of bushland on NSW’s South Coast, Phil is a family man who has had good success as a hobby greyhound trainer. Phil loves training by the sea, allowing him to take his beloved greyhounds down to the beach and also for bushwalks.

For Phil, there is nothing more he enjoys seeing than his greyhound’s happy and healthy.

The Survivor

Raelee<br />
<span>The Survivor</span>
They say I’m out of touch, but I’ve given my life to this industry’s causes

A greyhound trainer since 2004, Raelee is a breast cancer survivor who has made the decision to be involved in raising funds for Cancer Council NSW as her way of giving something back. Every year, with the support of the greyhound community Raelee hosts a Pink Ribbon at Gosford Greyhound Race Club to raise vital funds for Cancer Council NSW.

Further, Raelee is committed to re-homing her retired stars after their racing career is finished. She wants the public to know the truth about greyhounds’ gentle nature to ensure more of them are able to settle peacefully into pet life.

The Ambassador

Dimity<br />
<span>The Ambassador</span>
They say I don’t care, but I’m an ambassador for greyhound welfare

Dimity is an accountant, part-time journalist and law student. She also holds a business degree, trains greyhounds, re-homes them, and is an ambassador for their welfare. As if that isn’t enough, she has recently accepted a job at The Gardens race track to help promote her local club in Newcastle.

Dimity is a passionate ambassador for the sport, with her interest in greyhounds starting at a very young age and quickly growing through her involvement with the racing community.

She loves being a young female in the sport and is very vocal about her stance on animal welfare. For her, nothing matters more than ensuring greyhounds are happy, healthy and well looked after.

The Handler

Cameron<br />
<span>The Handler</span>
They say I’m heartless, but my dogs are like family to me

A salt of the earth guy from Orange, Cameron thinks of his greyhounds as family. His job requires him to prioritise his greyhounds wellbeing with the upmost importance, responsible for their care and wellbeing 24 hours a day. Having grown up surrounded by greyhounds, Cameron has inherited much of his passion for the industry from his parents, who are successful breeders, owners and trainers in their own right.

One just has to talk to Cameron to understand how much greyhounds mean to him. Responsible for feeding, exercising and looking after the greyhounds on the property, Cameron plays an important role in the education and wellbeing of each dog, a responsibility which he takes very seriously.